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A vibrant market town along the Snake River, Eastwyn serves as the economic hub and main trading location of region, though the trade is mostly in agricultural goods, some preserved fish from the river.

The town is split into 4 primary sections.

The Inner City – Home to the limited nobility, rich rich traders, and government buildings. It also houses the city watch.

The Market – A large sprawling open air market district on the west side of the city, it serves as both a bit of a flea market for the locals, but also the primary location for trading and exchange of local commodities. It has very few permanent structures and of those only the Grand Church is of any real quality

Dock/River District – This is the district where the few Inns, Tarverns, and and most of the cities services are located. In the dry season, it's a rather nice location if a bit humid. During the winters, the rain and constant changing water table give the lower lying areas a rather unsavory character. 


Residential / Old Town – Most of the local residence live in this densely packed and highly residential part of the town. If you need a baker, a seamstress, laundry done, or any of the other common activities you come here. The only other items of note are a few of the other smaller churches are located here, the Mages Guild, and in the park on the northern border of the district is a small druids shrine.


 The inner city is surrounded on all of the sides save the river by a tall stone wall, with the typical three compass point entrance serving as the only ways in and out of the inner city.  

Notable NPCs

Guild Agent Gare

hp 18 (0d8+4d6+4), CR 0.2 XP 80, Any Medium Humanoid
Init -1 Speed 30 AC 12, Touch 10, flat footed 12 ( Leather, Shield, none) 
(-1 Dex, 2 armour, +1 feats) 
Melee Base Attack 2 CMB 1; CMD 11, Single Attack Mace,Heavy +1 (1d8-1) Full AttackMace,Heavy +1 (1d8-1); Space 5ft.; Reach 5 
SA Fort 
1, Ref 0, Will 1, 
Str 8, Dex 9, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 14
Skills Bluff 9, Craft 7, Diplomacy 6, Handle Animal 2, Intimidate 4, Perception 9, Profession Merchant 7, Ride 4, Sense Motive 2, Swim 4 Feats: Alertness, Dodge, Persuasive; Languages Common

  1. Worked for the Merchants guild since he was in his mid teens, and has worked his way up from the lowest levels of porter/page.
  2. Currently in charge of mercenary contracts to keep trade flowing in the surrounding areas, or for member towns.
  3. Has a wife and Two Children, One boy and One girl. Boy is currently starting as a page in the guild.
  4.  His left hand is heavily scarred and stiff from a accident many years ago, which he wont talk much about as it involved the current guild leader.
  5. Will often be getting drinks with the other guild agents at the Market Tavern before going home.


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