Campaign Trait

Deputy Peacekeeper: You have already completed a few minor missions for the peacekeepers. You already know the basics of the Guild and the region.

Bonus : +2 on Knowledge checks about the Peacekeepers or other related topics. 

Limitations : None, but must chose another below, except double agent.

Double Agent of the Lord of Eastwyn : The Lord of Eastwyn has become increasingly cold to the merchants guild as they become more powerful in town and the surrounding area. You have been hired by the Lord to be a double agent.

Bonus: +2 Diplomacy with local authorities

Limitations : Human and Halfling only, Martial Classes only

Local Kid: You've grown up in Eastwyn and either have always wanted to join the Peacekeepers or you saw it as the best chance you have to raise your station in life. You're either friends with, or worked for a guild member who served as your refrence. 

Limitations : No Wizards, Druids, or Alchemists

Out of Towner: No one except you is sure why you are here, and a few are suspicious that you would want to join the peacekeepers so soon after arriving. It might be the promise of quick gold, a hunch, a vision from your patron, who knows.. The reason is your own, and not one was really that interested in asking. Your reference was a local tradesman/business owner/respected citizen that you did a favor for.

Bonus: +2 Stealth/Disguise bonus to travel unnoticed or recognized in the Eastern Reaches

Limitations : None 

Campaign Trait

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