Arrinda is a continent in the world of Faranteth. The continent was long as war with each other until ~300 years ago until what seemed to be a great invasion of monster races, drove them to create a uneasy union that has stood until this day, but only at the cost of many lives. (Pretty Standard Fantasy Stuff)

Regions in Arrindia 

Eastern Reaches      

Primary Inhabitants


The most numerous of the races, if for no other reason than fecundity are the Humans. They are as humans always seem to be, resourceful, unpredictable, and as varied in personality and goal as any one person could expect. They are the primary inhabitants and rulers of the Kingdoms of Roven, and Tuizar. Those native to Arrindia are typically lighter skinned, brown or red haired and of medium build. Though the neighboring continents, most frequently the more swarthy people of the east have brought a good bit of diversity to the land


Concentrated primarily in the the fertile lands of the western forests and plains, the happy go lucky halflings tend to make their livings as simple farmers and crafts people, though usually content to just live among their larger kin there are quite a few primarily halfling towns in the west reaches and a few have risen to the middling ranks of the nobility. For the most part humans and halflings have a warm and equal relationship, though the innate difference in size and the usually greater ambitions of humans as a race often make it seem otherwise.


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