Flight of the Matriarchs

Campaign Overview
Defenders of Eastwyn : Flight of the Matriachs Act 1



Plot Summary:


Region Overview

There has a been an easy peace over the lands of the Eastern Reaches for the last 200 years. The wounds inflicted on the region by the Dark Queen in her bid for ultimate power have slowly healed. And for the humans and halflings, that still call the reaches home,  these dark times are only stories passed down the generations, and the Elves and Dwarves, with there groves and grottos almost totally destroyed, have almost entirely moved on to other parts of Arrindia. Though let us know focus our attention on the story at hand.

Primary Setting 

   The trading city of Eastwyn stands as one of the few large cities in the mostly agricultural Eastern Reaches. It appears to be ruled by the young Lord of Eastwyn, who's father just recently passed, but truthfully it is the powerful Merchant's Guild that controls the town and the surrounding region. The merchants guild in an effort to maintain peace in the region and protect their constituents, employs "Peacekeepers" to complete specific missions and accomplish tasks that fall outside the jurisdiction of the city guards or the Lord's.  Most of these missions are simple caravan escorts, dealing with threats to member villages, and assisting with our guild business where special skills are needed. 

Initial Game Setup

The player characters represent a group of recently recruited or brand new "Peacekeepers" in the service to the Merchants Guild of Eastwyn. They have been assigned the task of traveling to the agricultural village of Redbud to investigate the reports of Goblin raiding of the farms surrounding the village, in fact goblin activity has been begun to be reported all of the region, and along with the standard peacekeeer missions and the extra work imposed by the young Lord of Eastwyn is requiring the guild to recruit numerous new, and perhaps not as dedicated new peacekeepers.

A Note on Goblins

While goblins are not entirely unheard of in the region, it's been many years since there have been any organized raids. In the years since the war, they have primarily contented themselves to living in the foothills, and trading furs, scavenged dwarven artifacts  and other oddities for the extra commodities they have required, They especially love the pickled pig ears imported from the Slaughter Yards of Eastwyn. These raids have started so suddenly, and the mountain tribes that do trade with the Merchant Guild have claimed no knowledge of the attacks.





Character Creation

Races: core races only, but no half orcs. 

Classes: No gunslingers, no vilgilantes, the rest we will work with.

Starting Level: 1 

Starting HP Max

Starting Gold Average, but don't spend on basics those will be provided

Alignment: any non-evil, primarily used for spells. Play the character you want to play and as long as everyone has fun it's really just for mechanics.

Level progression: Normal

Paizo Materials only for Creation, up for discussion after, No pscionics.

Ability Scores: I want the Characters to feel special, and not feel the need to have a dump score from a mechanics point of view. 30 Point buy. Nothing higher than 18 before racial modifiers.

Traits – 2 Standard and 1 Campaign Trait from below. You must pick the campaign trait as it is your "reference" for getting into the  Merchants Guild Peacekeepers.


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