Flight of the Matriarchs

Character Creation

Races: core races only, but no half orcs. 

Classes: No gunslingers, no vilgilantes, the rest we will work with.

Starting Level: 1 

Starting HP Max

Starting Gold Average, but don't spend on basics those will be provided

Alignment: any non-evil, primarily used for spells. Play the character you want to play and as long as everyone has fun it's really just for mechanics.

Level progression: Normal

Paizo Materials only for Creation, up for discussion after, No pscionics.

Ability Scores: I want the Characters to feel special, and not feel the need to have a dump score from a mechanics point of view. 30 Point buy. Nothing higher than 18 before racial modifiers.

Traits – 2 Standard and 1 Campaign Trait from below. You must pick the campaign trait as it is your "reference" for getting into the  Merchants Guild Peacekeepers.




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